Rules and Regulations


Tenant agrees to obey all rules and regulations for the leased premises.  If tenant violates any rules or regulations for the leased premises, tenant violates this lease.

Tenant is responsible for all Borough or Township codes, regulations, and recycling programs.  Any violation charges, due to failure to abide with the regulations or codes, will be paid by tenant as additional rent due.  Exterior of premises must be clean and free of debris.  Any trash that is left on the grounds, porches, and balconies or in the hallways will be removed and the tenants responsible for the trash will be charged at the rate of $10 per item or a minimum charge of $15.

Tenant may not have any parties at the leased premises.  No alcoholic beverages shall be consumed in the common areas of the building and grounds within which the leased premise is located.  No beer kegs will be permitted in or around the leased premises.  Tenant shall observe “quiet hours” between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. daily. 

Attics, basements, and garages are not for tenant's use unless permission is given to tenant by landlord in writing.

Tenant will not make any alterations or do any painting to the leased premises without the prior written consent of landlord.

Tenant agrees that waterbeds or any other liquid filled furniture is not permitted in the leased premises.  Tenant agrees not to use privately owned washers, dryers, dishwashers or freezers unless agreed upon in writing by Landlord.

Tenant shall not disable the smoke detectors or other fire warning or fire protection devices.  Tenant shall notify landlord immediately if a smoke detector or fire warning or protection device is not in working order.  Any false alarms caused by tenant, which result in charges or fees to the landlord, will be paid by tenant as additional rent due.  Tenant shall inspect the smoke detector monthly and is responsible for the malfunction of smoke detectors whether as a result of weak, defective, or inoperable batteries or otherwise.  Should resident fail to keep a charged battery in the detector or permit the smoke detector to be damaged in any way; tenant shall be charged the sum of $25.  Tenant shall also be responsible for care and maintenance of fire extinguisher.  The extinguisher will be charged when resident moves in and must remain charged during tenancy and upon vacating.  If for some reason the fire extinguisher is discharged, tenant must make arrangements with our office to recharge it.  The cost of recharging or the replacement of the extinguisher will be billed to all residents of the unit unless it has been used to put out a fire.  All fires, however minor, must be reported to the office.

The light bulbs on the porches and balconies are put there for safety purposes.  They are the property of the landlord and are not to be removed or replaced with another color bulb.  If they are unscrewed, removed, or replaced with an off-color bulb it will be replaced and tenants will be charged.  Resident shall furnish all light bulbs.

Absolutely no additional locks of any kind may be installed.  If you wish to have a deadbolt installed, we will arrange for it, with a charge to the tenant, which includes installation, labor, keys, materials etc., for approximately $95 per lock.  Lockout charge after office hours will be $50.  Keys will only be loaned during business hours and must be returned within 24 hours.  A $50 levy will be charged to a resident who fails to return borrowed keys within 24 hours.  Lost keys will result in a $5 charge.

If the leased premise is not cleaned when you take possession, please call RE/MAX Homefinders immediately and we will have the unit cleaned.  DO NOT CLEAN IT YOURSELF.  We will not reimburse you for cleaning and you will still be responsible for leaving the unit clean when you vacate.

Tenant shall pay a service charge of $25 if a check given to pay rent, utilities, or damages is returned for insufficient funds or other cause within the control of tenant.  Upon receipt of a returned check, landlord reserves the right to refuse payments by check and require all future payments to be in cash, certified funds, or by money order.

Tenant agrees that tenant will not keep any pets on the leased premises.  Tenant agrees that tenant will not allow tenant's guests or others to have or bring pets onto the leased premises.  If any pet is found, it must be removed immediately and a charge of $50 per pet per month, retroactive to the beginning of the lease will be charged as additional rent due.

Tenant agrees not to install any air conditioning units in the leased premises without the written consent of landlord.  No window treatments, awnings, draperies or umbrellas shall be installed in the leased premises without the prior written consent of Landlord.  Tenant shall not place or permit to be placed or stored, items on any windowsills, ledges, or balconies and shall not hang laundry or other items from the balconies, windows and common areas.  No radio or television reception devices such as antennas and satellite dishes shall be installed upon the leased premises or in the common areas around the leased premises.  The use of charcoal or flammable gas grills is not permitted in the leased premises or on any balcony, patio or other common area on the property upon which the leased premises is located.

AT NO TIME ARE MOTOR VEHICLES OF ANY TYPE ALLOWED ON THE GRASS, PORCHES, OR SIDEWALKS.  All cars in the parking lot must be currently licensed and inspected.  All cars that are not will be towed away at tenant's expense.  No repairing or washing of vehicles on the premises will be permitted. Parking is provided for tenant's convenience only and is not guaranteed.  

Tenant shall not go upon the roof of the building within which the leased premises is located and shall not enter any area clearly designated as being closed to tenants and others. 

Tenant must immediately contact landlord if the heat source fails.  Tenant agrees to maintain a minimum temperature in premises of 55°F, and if heat is provided by landlord, a maximum temperature of 70°F.  Service dates will be from October 15 through May 15 if landlord provides heat.  Any freezing of pipes will be the responsibility of the Tenant.  Tenant agrees not to use kerosene heaters or electric space heaters, or any other portable heaters without the prior written consent of landlord.